Being A Financial Expert Helps Kevin Seawright Focus His Efforts On People

In the modern business world there is a fascinating mix of shrewd bullheadedness, and the notion of trying to please everyone. Kevin Seawright is not a business success because he falls into any of these camps wholeheartedly. Instead, his attitude in the business world has been honed because of an extreme dedication to human interests and the success of people.

Above all, Mr. Seawright promotes the display of an attitude of positivity in all things. From his humble beginnings, he has always lived with the idea of role models being an absolutely indispensable element to the development of small business. People using their skills to start an entrepreneurial endeavor should always attack obstacles with a firm, yet positive attitude and outlook.

Crunchbase revealed that this is the main reason why Kevin Seawright has concentrated his efforts on the development of small business enterprises. He has an uncanny ability to spot small business projects that have great market potential, and reflect his own philosophies on the nature of building a business in a competitive world.

Newark is the city where Mr. Seawright’s projects have been most effective. These projects include various roles as a corporate economic development officer, a bond securer for several cities, and as a world class financial adviser for several community organizations. Read more: Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions LLC Assist Baltimore City Housing Employee Attain First Home

An absolutely iconic project directed by Kevin Seawright was the Belvedere Square project in Baltimore. This project was inspired by an effort to increase the amount of home ownership statistics in the Baltimore area. Through his leadership at RPS Solutions LLC, the Belvedere Square project was successfully sold and occupied by a huge number of first-time homeowners. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

Not only did this increase the city’s standings in state economic statistics, but created an incredible new group of people who can benefit from upward mobility in the housing market.

It is extremely easy to see how Kevin Seawright has been so successful in the small business and financial worlds. He is aggressive, but it is tempered with a solid faith background.

This includes a firm belief that success happens when resources and talent are put to work in the right ways. His influence in the Newark and Baltimore areas will likely grow as the need for visionary financial experts in these areas increase.

Honey Birdette Takes Aim At New Areas Of Growth

The luxury lingerie and sensuality store Honey Birdette has recently unveiled impressive and ambitious plans to expand on its first decade of success that has led to the Australian based company seeking a greater presence in both the U.K. and U.S. The growing success of the Honey Birdette brand has inspired the company to reach for a growing presence across the world, which includes the development of a dedicated North American Online sales platform and a number of new physical locations established throughout the U.K.

Honey Birdette began 2016 with the opening of a flagship store in London’s luxury neighborhood, Covent Garden, the first Honey Birdette store in the U.K. was quickly followed by a further two stores opened in the U.K. in the same year; these three stores will soon be joined by a further 37 to take the total of U.K. brick and mortar locations to an impressive 40. This U.K. based expansion will be followed by the launch of the first Honey Birdette Online sales platform dedicated to North American customers designed to make sales and returns as easy as possible.

Established by Eloise Monaghan in 2006, Honey Birdette was created to become a lifestyle and aspirational brand from its base in Brisbane, Australia that was launched based on an idea from founder Eloise Monaghan. The founder and creative driving force behind the brand cites a meeting with Australian billionaire retailer Brett Blundy as changing the direction of her business in 2009.

The story behind the growth of Honey Birdette comes from Eloise Monaghan and her former business partner feeling the adult stores they visited to find a hen party present for a friend and decided the options available were not serving women well enough and began planning their own Honey Birdette luxury lingerie company.

From Chicago Outward, George Street Photo and Video Delivers

George Street Photo and Video Address Locations was the brainchild of three young men who had grown up in a small town in Illinois. Without much financial backing, and no business background at all, Tim Muller, Dan Creviston, and Michael McMahon founded George Street Photo and Video. What they lacked in practical matters, they overcame with a tremendous desire to work their passion.

With a work ethic that embodied enthusiasm, desire to serve, and firm belief that what you do should be what you love, the three lifelong friends’ business thrived. They moved to Chicago. Proficient in both commercial photography and wedding photography, they ultimately decided upon a vision to deliver the best service possible to engaged couples seeking a photographer.

The founders intuitively created a business model of people following their bliss to provide perfectly photographed weddings and receptions. From Chicago, to over 40 cities, every George Street Photo gives excellence.

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Top highlights on Orthopedic Surgeons and Greg Finch

Orthopedics surgeons perform various procedures every day to treat conditions such as arthritis, sports injuries, and deformities in joints. Following an initial assessment, orthopaedic surgeons may: diagnose the injury or condition using X-rays or blood tests, treat using either surgery or medication or they may recommend physiotherapy to restore functionality, strength, and movement. Most common operations are performed on the ankle, knee, hip, wrist, elbow, shoulder, and spine. The common orthopedic surgeries include lumbar fusion and Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL).

Lumbar fusion surgery

This procedure is aimed at stopping the pain and disability in the lower back. This surgery can be achieved by:

  • Bone fusion that outcomes in a single static bone interchanging a moveable joint which in turns halts the painful motion at that combined segment.
  • Setting up a biological response by roughing up some of the bone edges and applying rods and screws for stability. As a result the two bones grow together because they think they are broken and need to fuse together.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)

The procedure is necessary for the stabilization of the knee’s ligaments. Surgeons perform the surgery when the ligaments rupture. That mostly happens whenever the knee twists and moves to the wrong direction and also while participating in sports.

Dr. Finch is a fellow of the Australian Orthopaedic Association and he earned his FRACS 1 from Auckland University award after successfully completing several years of rigorous surgical training. Dr. Finch has spent couple of years working with renowned leaders in spine surgery in UK, USA and Germany.

Dr. Greg Finch has broad experience performing complex spinal revisions and reconstruction surgeries and in addition takes part in research to improve patient outcomes and spine surgery treatments. He is regarded highly by his patients as a highly skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced doctor with excellent interpersonal skills.

Equities First Holdings Moves its Melbourne Office to Accommodate the Large Number of Clients

Equities First Holdings is one of the private banking institutions that provides alternative financing and capital to people from all over the world. The beneficiaries of the institution are individuals who are in need of urgent money yet they cannot access it from the regular lenders. The private firm was established over ten years ago in the United Kingdom. Its first offices were based in London, but it has now opened offices in nine countries.

At the moment, the institution says that it has already completed seven hundred transactions that cost billions of money. Most of these operations have been done in Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Melbourne, and Sydney. The efficiency of the private company has attracted client from all over the world.

Just recently, the company announced that it was going to relocate its Melbourne offices. According to the managing team, the business activities in Australia have increased significantly, and it was impossible to fit in the old office. The company says that the new office is bigger and it can accommodate more staff and clients in the future. To know more click here.

The managing director of the institution says that more people are starting to realize the importance of stock-based loans when compared to the regular loans. In the recent times, most of the companies have tightened their lending criteria because of the risks involved in the loans. Most of the banks have several restrictions on the loans they offer to their clients.

Stock-based loans do not have restrictions. The customer is allowed to use their loans they way they want. Individuals who need the loans are only supposed to prove that they own stocks that are publicly traded so that they can access the loans. The loan application process is easy and fast too to the stockholders. The interest rates are low too.

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Success Academy Prepares Students for Scholarly Paths

Public schools in the United States are failing, especially in metropolitan areas. Even schools with an abundance of funding can produce students with below average proficiency in math, English and science. Parents who want their children to succeed sometimes have their hands tied. Not everyone can afford to put their children in private schools or take off work in order to homeschool. Charter schools offer an attractive alternative. Public charter schools such as the Success Academy in New York City offer rigorous curriculum that prepares students for success. Tuition is free, but a limited amount of students are accepted into the lottery based program. The students who attend are often disadvantaged, but have an opportunity to turn their lives and futures around through the Success Academy’s educational program.

Public charter school students often come from minority, low-income, single-parent families. Though the Success Academy’s students start out with academic disadvantages, they enjoy close to 100 percent proficiency rates in English and math. Public schools in the same area have proficiency scores in the single digits or low to mid teens. Success Academy employs intensive and challenging curriculum that requires students to work hard, strict rules, dress codes, and consequences for breaking the rules. Students are there to engage and learn, and won’t be allowed to coast through like they might in public schools.

Success Academy currently has 41 schools in New York City, educating 14,000 students in elementary school, middle school and high school. While Success Academy is granted more independence than zoned schools for curriculum, they are still accountable to the state for student performance. The teachers and leadership in the school work closely together to ensure that each student succeeds, and follows a track that will advantage them in the future. Unlike public schools, Success Academy doesn’t just teach material for tests, but teaches core knowledge and critical thinking skills. Success Academy is similar to traditional schools in that a variety of electives are available to students including sports, dance, chess, debate, and robotics.

Success Academy’s numbers show their success. In New York state they are ranked in the top 1% for math, the top 2% for English, and the top 5% for science. English language learners and students with disabilities also score among the top percentile for their group.

The great music career of Cassio Audi

Since the 1980s, metal music in Brazil has been one of the most successful music genres in the world. This is about the same time that metal was taking shape and was being recognized as a form of music genre. One of the groups that are highly responsible for the success of this kind of music was Viper. The band which began in 1985 has been part of the music scene to date in a career spanning over three decades. The lineup of the group has been changing over time but many people and fans remember the group that was formed by the original lineup which included Felipe Machad, Andre Matos, Pit Passarell, and Yves Passarell . Another member who was part of the original lineups included the drummer Cassio Audi.
Cassio Audi has been credited as one who led the growth and development of the group from the days that they were playing in small functions and recording demo records to releasing their first album. One of the albums that are considered the most successful of the genre in Brazil was soldiers of Sunrise. The success of the album made the group to be named Brazillian Iron Maiden. Also, through the album, Cassio Audi received praise from many music magazines and this led to the group being invited to perform at the Motorhead show in the country.
After the success of the first album, the group released their second album in 1987 soon after. According to music analyst and critics, the album was more mature and the sound was of better quality.The album was considered the best of the group. Even after Cassio had left the group, the group released an album, The Evolution which had many influences from him. This was according to the fans of the group and the genre of music.
The original group that included Cassio, made tours.

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Karl Heideck’s Thoughts On Litigation

Karl Heideck is an attorney and compliance risk manager at Hire Counsel in Greater Philadelphia since April 2015. He studied Bachelor of Arts in Language and Literature at Swarthmore College. Karl graduated with a law degree in 2009 from Temple University James E. Beasley School of Law.

Karl is a talented lawyer specializing in risk and compliance management. He offers compliance consulting services and risk management advising. Some of his litigation areas include commercial litigation, corporate law, adviser and consultant, and product liability. He has served as a litigator for over ten years.

Litigation attorneys prepare cases for trial. They can represent criminal clients, individual clients filing for personal injury, or real estate firms. Most of these cases do not make it to the court corridors; instead, they are settled outside the court room. Plaintiffs tend to accept settlements in case of civil and real estate cases while defendants take a plea.

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It is the responsibility of the litigation attorney to investigate a new case. The attorney should collect documents showing necessary evidence that strengthen the case. The litigator should negotiate with the other party’s legal representative and try to reach a settlement in an attempt to save both parties from the expenses associated with a law suit. In case the parties fail to come to an agreement, the litigator drafts the motion and pleadings to be filed with the court. The attorney can also file additional motions if there is need to do so.

The legal representative tries his best to win the case by building the best defense. This is done by working with experts in various fields to examine details of the case. Once a verdict is reached, the litigator can make an appeal if his client loses the case. The appeal highlights all issues that were not addressed well during the trial. The litigator might call an expert if he feels that he is not able to handle the appeal well.

Karl Heideck released a guide for new litigation attorneys to be successful in their career. He emphasizes the importance of having virtues of honesty, kindness, and humility. He states that making connections is very helpful and that successful litigators are the ones who are respectful.

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How Does Andrew Rolfe Run The Ubuntu Fund?

Andrew Rolfe does quite a lot of work with the Ubuntu Fund to help children, and he knows that a child who gets a better education may have a better life. This article explains how the Ubuntu Fund is improving with Andrew Rolfe, and it shows how the charity is helping kids start better lives. These kids may go on to college if they like, and they will become the leaders of tomorrow in South Africa.

#1: Who Is Andrew Rolfe?

Andrew Rolfe is the CEO of the Ubuntu Fund, and he is tasked with running a charity that spends millions every year on educational resources for kids. He knows that all these kids must be given a better way to learn, and he wants to see schools and classrooms built that serve kids.

#2: How Does He Solicit Donations?

Andrew Rolfe has a unique method of finding donors for his charity, and he knows that every kid who needs help must be given funds that have not limitations. He wants all donors to give their money without any thought about what it should be used for, and someone who comes to the Ubuntu Fund will find that they may learn more. Families may trust the Ubuntu Fund, and they are giving their children a chance to fulfill their dreams.

#3: How Does South Africa Benefit?

South Africa benefits from what the Ubuntu Fund does because more kids come to school to learn. They have the resources that they need to do better in life, and they will live better in the future because of what Andrew has done. There are many different people who will learn how to make their dreams come true, and Andrew wants to see these kids go on to great success.

The finest educational services that are offered in South Africa are quite important to all children. A child who wants to learn more may come to the Ubuntu Fund at any time to learn, and they will benefit because Andrew Rolfe has done the work to manage the charity’s money in a more responsible way.


Tony Petrello – Nabors and So Much More


Nabors Industries’s leadership team believes in corporate governance and a system of values that is fair to all – to the company and its hard-working staff on all levels from the top down; to the clients, partners and shareholders of Nabors across the globe; and to the customers and followers in turn. Under this fantastic leadership team stand Anthony Petrello – the President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors; William Restrepo – the company’s talented Chief Financial Officer or CFO; Mark Andrews – the Corporate Secretary; Carina Lovato Gillenwater – the Vice President, or VP, of Human Resources; Siggi Meisner – the current President of Global Drilling Operations and Offshore Rigs Support; Christopher Papouras – the President of Nabors’s Drilling Solutions sector; and John Sanchez – COO of technology.

Petrello’s Annual Compensation



Total Annual Compensation


Stocks Options:

Restricted Stock Awards


All Other Compensation


Exercisable Options


Exercisable Options Value


Total Value of Options


Total Number of Options


Total Compensation:

Total Annual Cash Compensation $4,393,920

Total Short Term Compensation $1,575,000

Other Long Term Compensation $12,134,707

Total Calculated Compensation $15,372,429

Stock Quotes

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Stock, Fund, or ETF – Company Lookup Information

Competitors’ Compensation

Name, Position and/or Company Compensation

  1. David D. Dunlap – Chief Executive Officer, President and Director

Superior Energy Services, Inc. $887.5K

  1. Roderick A. Larson – Chief Executive Officer, President and Director

Oceaneering International, Inc. $550.0K

  1. David W. Williams – Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President

Noble Corporation , PLC $1.1M

Thomas P. Burke Chief Executive Officer, President and Director

Rowan Companies, PLC $1.0M

  1. Christopher R. Christensen – Chief Executive Officer, President and Director

Ensign Group, Inc. $476.2K

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