Why Lake Tahoe is the Go-To Skiing Destination in the World

Skiing is an exhilarating winter activity. There are many skiing destinations throughout the world. However, Lake Tahoe remains the number one skiing spot. The lake itself is strategically located on the state line that separates Nevada and California. This makes it easily accessible from both states. The lake is usually a haven of summer activities such as surfing during warm weather. However, it is famous for its winter activities. This has made the area around Lake Tahoe Resort to be referred to as a snowy nirvana.

Ski Resorts

Regions surrounding the lake are home to tens of exclusive skiing resorts. These facilities are mostly located on the north and south shores of the lake. The south shore is quite popular with skiers because of its gently sloping mountain ranges, which are suitable to both beginners and proficient skiers. The south shore is blessed with both wide and gentle runs for beginners, and more challenging runs for advanced skiers.

Lake TahoeÕs north shore also has a number of exclusive resorts. The most famous ones are Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley. The north shore is known for being picturesque because it offers unparalleled views of the scenic Sierra Nevada. By virtue of bordering Nevada, and its proximity to Reno, most ski resorts have casinos, which offer skiers an opportunity to rejuvenate after a long day in the snow.

A Precise about Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows

The 1960 Winter Olympics were held at Squaw Valley, which explains why it has a legendary status throughout the Lake Tahoe region. The resort registers impressive tourist numbers all year round. It also boasts unequalled views of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding valleys. This gives guests the opportunity to watch skiing activities from the comfort of their hotel rooms.

Alpine Meadows is conveniently located between Truckee and Tahoe city. The resort is easily accessible by different means of transport. Besides this, it has close proximity to the city of Reno, and an international airport. Alpine Meadows offers a variety of outstanding summer and winter activities to its guests. The resort has more than one hundred trails, and spans an area of 2,400 acres. This makes it suitable for all types of skiers. Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are under the ownership of Andy Wirth, who owns Squaw Valley Ski Holdings.

Mike Baur the Founder of Swiss Start up Factory

Entrepreneur Mike Baur has had a very successful career that has spanned over two decades. He is currently the founder of a unique company called Swiss Start Up Factory. This company is one that helps provide capital and advice to a number of businesses that are looking to start up. With this company Mike is able to help a number of new businesses get the guidance and resources necessary to become successful enterprises. Before Mike founded his company, he was in the banking industry where he would help a number of businesses get the capital and financial guidance necessary to reach their potential. Over the course of his career, Baur has won a number of awards and has therefore been recognized as one of the more notable professionals in Switzerland.

Mike founded Swiss Start up Factory after working in the banking industry for twenty years. When he was involved in the banking industry, Mike would meet with business owners and entrepreneurs to discuss their needs. Many of these entrepreneurs were in need of capital in order to start their companies. Baur would advise them on how much they will need as well as assess their profit potential. By working with these businesses, Mike would get them the capital necessary to either start up or expand. As a result Mike’s assistance helped a number of businesses become successful and make positive contributions to the Swiss economy.

With Mike Baur’s company, businesses participate in a meeting in which they will present their ideas to Mike. During this meeting Mike will then evaluate each business idea and then choose the ones that he believes will result in the highest profitability. Once he chooses a business his company will then give them funds as well as advice on how to make their business a success. Baur’s company then receives a portion of the profits and therefore each party in this arrangement benefits.

Swiss Start up Factory founded by Mike Baur has proven to be one of the more innovative business models in the world. Mike has used his experience in banking to form his own business which offers the very kind of assistance that banks offer to businesses. Therefore with his idea, Mike has been able to offers a viable alternative to banks for businesses looking to get the financial resources and guidance they need. As a result, Baur’s company will help a number of businesses get what they need in case they are unable to receive funding and advice from financial institutions.

Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Addresses Female Business Owners

Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere started her business in her home where she created makeup products by hand, and she continued the business by expanding to become a sales empire online. She has chosen to highlight what female business owners are capable of, and this article talks about what she does to empower women. Strong women do much more than make deals, and Doe is a testament to the power of a product.

#1: Lime Crime Is A Smash Hit

Lime Crime is a smash hit online where women are purchasing the brand by the thousands. There are incredibly-bright colors in the palette that appeal to a certain kind of style, and the brand has been certified as vegan. Doe prefers to make the brand accessible to several different kinds of women, and it is important for women to search the Lime Crime site when they have run out of options, or the other major Lime Crime dealers like Amazon.

#2: Bold Hair Colors

Doe keeps her hair a bright shade that is not natural, and she makes quite a statement with her hair every day. The brand offers hair dye that helps women make big statements, and part of her power is that she allows women to be as expressive as they like. A strong woman in business or in life is expressing herself in any way she chooses at any time without reservation.

#3: Innovative Business Decisions

There are quite a few innovative business decisions that have been made in the past, and Doe chose to sell online exclusively. Her online store is one of the most popular on the Internet, and she has created a brand women need not visit in a store.

Doe Deere has created a brand any woman can wear to be different, and that difference is a part of her strength.  And join the conversation on Tumblr, where Lime Crime heads up a huge fan community.